4 easy steps to get started on FreeTheWeb

Select a Domain Name

Domain registration is the process of registering a domain name, which identifies your website with a name that is easier to remember and use than an IP address. Simply put, it's the home address for your website. Make it easy to type, Keep it short as possible but make it Memorable. Note: We register your domain name Free* with select plans.

Contact a #FTW Web Advisor

So now you are ready for a hassle free way of getting your website up and running! However, if you still have a few pre-sale questions, email or contact our web advisors. We'll be your guide. Ask about our products, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success!

Select a Website Design

Choose from several 100s of designs we have available or allow a Web Advisor to recommend the best 3 designs for you to choose from based on your area of interest. We have designs for every possible industry – Business, Music, Media, Consulting, Charity, Event planning, Wedding, Professional Services… etc. etc. so many designs to choose from, and as standard we will assist in providing one you will love.

Pick a Plan!

Finally, choose the right website plan for your business. Each Free The Web plan has its own benefits. It all depends on what you are looking for in a website, affordability, capacity, increased visibility or speed, eCommerce, social networking, whatever your business needs are, our Web Advisors are available to assist you in picking the very best website plan for your business.

Choose the plan that fits your business

Each Free The Web Plan has it's own benefits. Need help selecting? Contact a Web Advisor Today.

We use the most reliable
service providers

Here are a few service providers we use to develop and provide Web Services.

cPanel, Inc.

Godaddy Pro Services

Linux + WordPress

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Adobe PhotoShop