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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is "Plan X" Really free?
Yes, the web development in plan X is 100% free. What you pay for is account & hosting setup ($150) and then monthly hosting fee ($10). We also provide you a free domain name registration and renew annually on your behalf as long as you remain hosted with FTW.
2Does Email Service Come With Plan X
No. Email service is not included with this plan. This plan offers only Free Web development. However "Plan Y" includes unlimited Email Service. Contact a Web Advisor for more information on how to get started with "Plan Y".
3What If I Have Hosting Already, Can I Still Get A Free Website Developed?
Unfortunately no. Free web development is reserved only for our hosting members under "Plan X". However, If you would like to migrate your website to our hosting environment under the Plan X, please contact our Web Advisors and we will get that done for Free or for a very affordable fee.
4Does FTW Develop Mobile Apps Too?
Yes! App development falls under the "Z Plan". FTW is a full service IT development program operating under Rooah! LLC. We provide application programing, online advertising services and cloud engineering. For free consultation on App development please contact our Web Advisor to set up a call with a Project Manager.

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